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Cloud Computing when Disaster Strikes

I live where the outer bands of Hurricane Michael hit last week.  I still don’t have power at the house, but I got my yard cleaned up and we have a generator running.  My other house is within eyesight of Mexico Beach, arguably the place that has suffered the worst.  I’ve heard people say Mexico

Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE)

At Cloud Navigator, our laser focus on delivering services related to The Microsoft Cloud helps reduce the complexity of these problems.  Our success with cloud onboarding projects is a big reason for our overall success as a cloud solution provider.  Many organizations choose to partner with a company focused on deploying workloads in the cloud

Trusted Execution Environments in Azure

Microsoft is providing greater and greater levels of security for your apps and data.  A recent announcement regarding Trusted Execution Environments in Azure and blockchain additions to Always Encrypted for Azure SQL Database. I was first interested in learning more about Always Encrypted since we use Azure SQL Database heavily with a number of clients.

Easier External Sharing in SharePoint, but BEWARE the Dangers

Microsoft just announced the ability to share content with external users without requiring an Office 365 or Microsoft account. “If your OneDrive and SharePoint Online external sharing settings are set to allow sharing with new external users, new external users (that have a file or folder securely shared with them) will be able to access