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Avoiding disaster at home and at work

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, I’m taking some time to reflect on my personal and business disaster preparedness plans and outcomes.  Living in Florida, we learn to expect a tropical storm or hurricane to threaten our homes and businesses each year.  Most years, we dodge the worst of it, but usually there is some

Azure Site Recovery – Disaster Recovery Made Easy

Experiences with Azure Site Recovery As a provider of cloud solutions, our earliest use of Azure Site Recovery (ASR) wasn’t protection at all but rather migration.  We used ASR to replicate small sets of servers from customer premises to the cloud.  For customers running Hyper-V or VMWare with supported server images, ASR makes migration to

Join Entities in Dynamics 365 and Why they are awesome

  If you have ever worked with many-to-many (N:N) relationships in Dynamics 365 (the product formerly known as Dynamics CRM), you may have at some point created a N:N relationship between entities.  It is a useful relationship type for sure, but it has some serious ‘out of the box’ limitations.   The main issue I

A Taxonomy of Microsoft Security Services

I was having difficulty keeping up with all of the Microsoft security related products, services, features and nomenclature.  So I started this taxonomy.  What I found is that there can be multiple “product” names or brand names that apply across the same technology set.  It can get confusing.  This listing might be helpful in certain

Using OMS and ASC for Threat Detection

Have you ever heard the phrase “Shoemaker’s kids go barefoot” or “Mechanic’s car never runs”? Well you can add a new one “IT consultant’s labs are insecure”. As a 25-year veteran of the IT industry I’m very familiar with limiting access and reducing the attack vectors for internet connected devices. I do this for customer’s