Adcomm is a pioneer and leading provider of outsourced field operations, customer support, and business process solutions in the Telecommunications space.


Adcomm needed to modernize their systems for managing their distributed work force.  Employees work from multiple office locations or while mobile.  File shares located on servers were accessible from some locations but not others, and VPN (virtual private network) access was unreliable.  Each location was an isolated domain.  Enabling better management and access to resources both on premises and in a hybrid cloud environment while working in the office or remotely was urgent.


Cloud Navigator introduced Azure Active Directory join for workstations, Microsoft 365 (M365) suite, Microsoft EMS, Azure resources, and worked with Adcomm to setup a new base architecture for their modern workplace environment.  Microsoft 365, Azure AD, and Microsoft EMS are the building blocks for user and workstation authentication and management.

We tailored our process to migrate users to M365, and workstations from on premises Active Directory to Azure Active Directory.  We utilized Microsoft EMS to manage the deployment of migration tasks to automate the user and workstation migration to the extent possible.

Azure Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) resources, Azure Files, and Azure VPN Gateway were used to create a hybrid footprint to migrate exiting file services to the Azure cloud. This keeps the user experience the same when working from the office and allows for working remotely as the need arises. Azure Backup was configured to secure all data in geo-redundant storage to protect all assets and provide a reliable offsite backup and recovery solution.

The Azure hybrid cloud solution sets the foundation for Adcomm to migrate additional workloads to Azure and reduce the need for on premises hardware. This enables Adcomm’s IT staff to focus on supporting critical business functions and user management with much less work maintaining on premises hardware systems.


The modern workplace architecture has proven to be a great problem solver, unifying what was a fragmented and painful digital environment.  As all users are migrated, Adcomm is reducing the need for on premises hardware.  User management is standardized and centralized, and a more effective, subscription based cost model for operating systems and user applications has been introduced.

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