City of Birmingham, Alabama

When the city of Birmingham, Alabama needed to move to the cloud, Cloud Navigator provided expert guidance and implementation.

The City of Birmingham, Alabama, is a municipal corporation under the laws of the State of Alabama. Birmingham is the largest city in the state with a population currently estimated at 212,237, and a metro population of 1,136,650.  Birmingham is often referred to as the cradle of the American Civil Rights Movement.

Nestled at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains at the cross-section of two major railroads, the city was once the primary industrial center of the southern United States. Today, Birmingham has transformed itself into a medical research, banking and service-based economy, making it one of the nation’s most livable cities with a vibrant downtown, a burgeoning loft community, a world-class culinary scene and more green space per capita than any other city in the nation!


The City’s non-emergency citizen service system (311 system) was coming to the end of its vendor support lifetime.  There were multiple separate databases storing historical request and resolution data.  The City was unable to make changes and fixes to the system because the development environment was not in sync with production modifications.


The City needed to upgrade the 311 system.  Historical information needed to be retained while the system was upgraded to modern standards.  It was decided to move the system from difficult to manage on-premise infrastructure to The Cloud.  Cloud Navigator was enlisted by Microsoft on behalf of The City of Birmingham to undertake this high-risk project.  A complete data and solution migration to Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 platform was initiated.


The new Dynamics 365 based 311 system is operated by Microsoft in the Microsoft Cloud.  The underlying Dynamics platform is kept up to date and current by Microsoft.  It is backed-up and made resilient and redundant by Microsoft’s systems experts.


The City government is composed of a lengthy list of dozens of individual departments, offices and teams.  The new system uses the Dynamics 365 routing capabilities to route citizen service request to the appropriate group automatically.

Randall L. Woodfin is the 30th mayor of Birmingham, Alabama. Mayor Woodfin is an attorney and former president of the Birmingham Board of Education. Throughout his career, he has worked in various positions for the City of Birmingham, which is why he’s committed to bringing a new vision, a new dedication and a new energy to a city where he wants citizens to have every opportunity to work, play and grow to their fullest potential.

Providing responsive citizen services is an important part of Mayor Woodfin’s slogan “Putting People First.”

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