Cloud Navigator's work with the Florida Governor's Office

The Executive Office of the Governor (EOG) is responsible for responding to the citizens of Florida in a timely manner. The Office is responsible for executing more than a dozen distinct business functions including event management, victim’s rights advocacy and others.  An integrated tracking solution was sorely needed.


EOG implemented a CRM 2011 on-premise solution a number of years ago. This solution proved difficult to maintain due to lack of integrated modules. A primary concern was duplication of Contact records by different business units. Additionally, the on-premise system was difficult to upgrade so the system fell out of date. These problems led EOG leadership to seek out a new solution.


Cloud Navigator proposed a Microsoft Dynamics Online SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution. We believe this is the top choice for any organization that wants a low-overhead, scalable and always up-to-date replacement for traditional software. Dynamics Online is easily configured and extended to meet customer needs.

We redesigned the existing CRM 2011 modules for each business unit. The functionality was extended using various web forms so that citizens could directly interact with the system. These interactions include requesting meetings with the Governor, responding to event invitations, applying for state board seats, and making public records requests. In addition, we converted a legacy investigative case management application to Dynamics Online, including importing all data, for the Chief Inspector General.

The new EOG system is a complete Cloud SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution. There are no on-premise resources. EOG IT staff have the capability to manage the system, including user licenses, through the Office 365 admin portal.


The following business units/programs all now use Dynamics 365 to manage those interactions:

  • Citizen Services
  • Scheduling
  • RSVP/Events
  • Executive Correspondence
  • State Board Appointments
  • Public Records Requests
  • Victim’s Rights Advocacy
  • Chief Inspector General Case Management

EOG has been very pleased with their Dynamics Online solution so far. Contact redundancies have been reduced, business units have visibility into one another, and citizens can more efficiently contact EOG using the new web forms. In addition, the system is updated twice a year, so EOG always has the latest version of Dynamics 365.