OvaryIt is an affordable and comprehensive women’s telehealth platform. Through the use of science and technology, their physicians work with patients to discover their hormonal or non-hormonal contraceptive match and create a personalized plan that fits their needs.


According to recent research, 45-49% of the pregnancies in the United States are unintended, and an astounding 19.1 million women who needed access to contraceptives could not afford it without public assistance. Additionally, the maternal mortality rate in the United States has nearly tripled since 1987, leaving us ranked worst in the world compared to other developed nations. Even with access, 60% of women were unable to continue the first six months of a new contraceptive, with many reporting adverse side effects or inability to adhere to medication guidelines as the cause. Nothing in the market existed to help a patient better understand their medication tolerance. The Founder began speaking with Cloud Navigator to determine the best way to bring their scientific solution to life.


Through competitive solicitation, Cloud Navigator was awarded the contract to develop the OvaryIt platform. The application was built leveraging Cloud Navigator’s Partner relationship to utilize the full Microsoft stack.  The OvaryIt team brought in physicians, security experts, and legal/compliance to work with the Cloud Navigator analysts and developers to ensure business requirements, HIPAA Compliance, and cybersecurity best practices. Next, the Cloud Navigator team incorporated the well-established USMEC safety guidelines to ensure patient safety. Finally, the Cloud Navigator development team created advanced algorithms and analytics to create a “Physician Assist” function. This feature assists physicians in determining the specific hormonal contraceptive most likely to be well tolerated by the patient. Cloud Navigator continues to build, upgrade, and maintain the OvaryIt Platform with the business.


The OvaryIt Platform was able to go live at the beginning of 2020, assisting patients with their contraceptive needs. OvaryIt was a finalist in the Florida Synapse Innovation Award for Community Impact within the first year of opening.

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