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Information Protection

Control and help secure email, documents, and sensitive data that you share outside your company walls. From easy classification to embedded labels and permissions, enhance data protection at all times with Azure Information Protection—no matter where it’s stored or who it’s shared with.

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Cloud Apps

Take advantage of powerful APIs and services to build modern applications that are accessible anywhere, anytime, from any device. Use cloud technology to retool your apps more quickly, easily, and efficiently. Plus, improve business agility with unmatched hybrid capabilities that enable you to easily connect to systems in the cloud or on-premises.

Drive Innovation and Savings through App Modernization

Stay ahead of the competition by focusing more on innovation. Build, test, and deploy applications with an open and scalable platform—faster and at a fraction of the cost of on-premises deployments. Increase efficiency across your entire organization including human resources, supply chain, R&D, IT infrastructure, and customer relations.

Leave your OS behind with Serverless Computing

Integrate Azure App Service into your existing frameworks, languages, and tooling to accelerate your development. Rapidly build, deploy, and manage powerful web, mobile, and API apps for employees or customers using a single back end. Build standards-based web apps and APIs using .NET, Java, Node.js, PHP, and Python.  Our DevOps team can help.

AppDev, DevOps & Application Lifecycle Management

Our highly experienced software development professionals are in tune with the latest trends and most effective technologies and develop platform independent apps using HTML5, jQuery, phoneGap, and Modernizr. We develop web and desktop apps for Android, iPhone, iPad and other Windows App devices using .NET development.


We use a repeatable Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Use case-driven software development process to achieve the most efficient and stable applications. Most projects are conducted according to a classic waterfall lifecycle approach using iterations during the programming phase segmented by zero-defect milestones. Each zero-defect milestone includes quality assurance and specification reconciliation. The result is that all of the delivered end-products are high in quality, well understood, and repeatedly tested.

Proven Success

Cloud Navigator has provided AppDev, DevOps and ALM services to dozens of customers over more than 20 years.  We also host and provide operations management of custom software solutions for customers. Solutions include databases, data processing, web applications, reporting and other elements. Windows Azure provides scalable, durable cloud storage, backup, and recovery solutions for any data, big and small. It works with the infrastructure you already have to cost-effectively enhance your business continuity strategy as well as provide storage required by your cloud applications including unstructured text or binary data such as video, audio and images.

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Migrate to Office 365

Cloud Navigator is one of the most experienced and high-volume email migration service companies in the world.

We provide Office 365 related services including email migration, archive migration, Skype initiation, SharePoint build-outs, and training.  Our team is ready to support you with optional onsite migration planning, preparation, and email migration management.  Our long track record and expertise in transitioning organizations to the Microsoft Cloud is an important factor for you to consider in your migration planning.

Our Proven Approach

Migration process

Cloud Navigator has successfully migrated hundreds of customers and hundreds of thousands of mailboxes Office 365 from environments including Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, Lotus Notes, Google Mail and GroupWise using our 5 step process.  ISC is one of the very few partners with the experience and expertise to perform large and complex migrations to the Microsoft cloud.  Our Microsoft Certified Architect has migrated over one million mailboxes to the Microsoft cloud offerings since their inception in 2005. ISC is actively migrating customers to the cloud on a weekly basis.

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Hybrid Identity Management

Get secure single sign-on for any application faster, more easily, and from any device with Microsoft’s identity and access management cloud solution.

Cloud Navigator offers a highly standardized integrated identity management and single-sign-on solution (SSO) based on Microsoft products including:

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is an identity and access management-as-a-service (IDaaS) solution that combines single-on capabilities to any cloud and on-premises application with advanced protection. It gives your people, partners, and customers a single identity to access the applications they want and collaborate from any platform and device. And because it’s based on scalable management capabilities and risk-based access rules, Azure AD helps ensure security and streamline IT processes.

Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), a software component developed by Microsoft, can run on Windows Server operating systems to provide users with single sign-on access to systems and applications located across organizational boundaries. It uses a claims-based access-control authorization model to maintain application security and to implement federated identity.

Azure AD Connect, which will integrate your on-premises directories with Azure Active Directory. This allows you to provide a common identity for your users for Office 365, Azure, and SaaS applications integrated with Azure AD.

Customer Spotlight: Florida Department of Management ServicesFL DMS Logo

The Florida Department of Management Services (DMS) had recently moved email services to Office 365 with our help.  The migration included two subsidiary but separate organizations (PERC and FCHR).  The three organizations had been coupled due to budget constraints.  DMS was the only one of the three with data center assets and purchasing power.  With the move to the cloud, the opportunity to divest and operate as distinct organizations was clear.

The Solution

For DMS, we deployed two backup domain controllers with AD Connect on each, and two ADFS servers in a load balanced availability set.

For PERC and FCHR, we deployed a simplified solution for each with high availability and all enabling services on a single server.

Hybrid identity example

The Results

The federation and synchronization between three separate domains and their respective Azure Active Directory instances represents progress in the de-coupling of three organization’s IT resources.

Disaster Recovery for Business Continuity

Confident that you are prepared for a disaster?

Hurricane season is here. Make sure your IT systems will be operational when you need them.

Watch the video below that describes the benefits of this easily deployable, cost effective solution.

With the power of The Microsoft Cloud and Cloud Navigator’s disaster recovery services, you get a cost-effective, automated solution to ensure business continuity. Avoid the risk of downtime posed by unforeseen conditions.

Protect Your Operations

Keep your business running during an emergency or disaster — or when mission critical hardware fails.

Protect Your Finances

Avoid the need to invest in secondary sites or infrastructure maintenance, and reduce the cost of downtime.

Protect Your Growing Data

Take the work and complexity out of managing your growing volumes of data by replicating to Azure with our automated solution.

Protect Your Customers

We test your disaster recovery procedures, and provide audit and compliance reporting without affecting production workloads

Take the risk out of natural disasters, failing IT infrastructure, human error, or malicious attacks.

It’s time to revisit your disaster recovery options. You may be paying for a service that is incomplete or just out-of-date. Traditional disaster recovery solutions are expensive as they require a complete infrastructural replication of your environment. Azure Site Recovery from ISC brings the next generation in protection to your business.

Leverage the Power of The Microsoft Cloud

  • Up-to-date Snapshots With Azure Site Recovery, snapshots are never more than a few minutes old. You can restore your workloads with minimal data loss.
  • Historical Data Retrieval With Azure Backup, you can retrieve files and folders from months or even years ago.
  • Replicate any Workload Both physical servers and Azure, Hyper-V, or VMWare VMs running supported versions of Windows or Linux can be protected.
  • Network Integration ISC will set up a VPN tunnel between your premises and an Azure network. Using a replica domain controller on the Azure network, you can fail workloads over to Azure and they can seamlessly interact with healthy workloads that remain on-premise.
  • Simple Monitoring With both emailed alerts and a single location in the Azure Portal, it is very easy to monitor the health of your protection. We do this for you under most plans, and provide a monthly summary of any significant issues.
  • Customized Solutions During onboarding, ISC will create recovery plans and runbooks. With these we can bring recovered servers up in a logical sequence, create desired security configurations, load balancers, and public endpoints, and assign servers to appropriate subnets. During our analysis we will identify workloads that may benefit from further protection, such as AlwaysOn for SQL Server instances or DataGuard for Oracle.
  • Test Without Disruption With test failovers, we bring your workloads up in an isolated network on Azure. There’s no disruption to your production environment.
  • No Extra Hardware Needed With Azure Site Recovery, you replicate to the cloud. There’s no extra hardware to maintain.
  • The Trusted Cloud Microsoft has the most comprehensive compliance coverage of any cloud provider, including HIPAA, CJIS, and IRS 1075. Use encrypted storage to make your data in the cloud even more secure

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