Introducing our Citizen Engagement System

Your residents want to engage with their government easily using their preferred methods of communication so that their municipal needs can be satisfied effectively and efficiently.

A Comprehensive Citizen Engagement Solution.


Omnichannel Engagement

Omnichannel citizen engagement allows organizations to connect with customers across multiple channels, while maintaining context. This is especially important because each customer has his/her preferred communications channel preferences. 

Offer convenience

Omnichannel citizen engagement ensures that you are meeting the citizen on their own terms, in the way that benefits them the most, and creating a value-based system of services and interactions.

Integrate communications

A conversation can start in one channel, switch to a second, and then be completed in a third. Service can begin with a text message, transition to a phone call, and confirmed by email.

Adapt when necessary

Adapt according to analytics for greater effectiveness. A user may indicate that email is their preferred channel, but after a series of emails with no response, communications might switch to text messages and find that the person responds quickly.

Leverage knowledge

Support access and management of relevant knowledge assets — making information predictively available at an agent's fingertips when it is needed.

Assist using Artificial Intelligence

Integrate omnichannel agent services with our Virtual Agents so that the automated, AI chatbot can handoff to a live person when necessary.

Be productive

The omnichannel agent user experience allows each service representative to communicate with multiple citizens at the same time via web chat, text, social network or email, all through the same interface.

Virtual Agents

Virtual agents, virtual assistants or intelligent chatbots are automated customer service applications that simulate a voice or text conversation with customers to deliver information or act on behalf of the customer to perform transactions.  

What is a virtual agent?

A virtual agent is an AI capable chatbot that can learn how to answer questions better over time, take action to fulfill requests automatically, and improve citizen satisfaction.

Go beyond automated chat

You can easily integrate your chatbots with other services to look up records, personalize conversations, hand off conversations to live agents, and call APIs.

Support multiple channels

Virtual Agents can be surfaced through a variety of channels; we surface them through our Web Portal and Mobile App because of the enhanced citizen experience they can provide.

Reduce live agent workloads

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

Mobile Apps

State of the art custom mobile apps set your agency apart. The citizen is engaged through a set of easy-to-use services that focus on continuing to deliver a true value-based experience accessed anywhere, anytime with a couple of clicks.

Phone apps that pop

Our mobile app development team will design and build a user experience meant for ease of use and brand reinforcement.  We build native iOS and Android apps.  Let us build off of your agency’s existing website theme and color scheme, or we’ll design a fresh look.

Citizen Engagement System API ties our mobile apps to the back-office service request system and provides consistency with our integrated web portals.

Web Portals

Citizen facing portals can have a variety of uses, from request intake to knowledge sharing to crowdsourcing ideas, our solutions reinforce your brand, your commitment to citizen service, and your ability to respond and act.

Citizen Engagement System Web Portals

Support citizens, partners and employees

Web portals give anyone you need to collaborate with the ability to post requests, view reports, and access knowledge without needed to log in to your citizen services system.

Citizen portals

A citizen self-service portal enables residents to  submit and monitor service requests ,access self-service knowledge, and provide feedback. 

Partner portals

A partner portal provides real-time access to every stage of shared activities across your partner ecosystem. 

Employee portals

An employee self-service portal creates an efficient and well-informed workforce by streamlining common tasks and empowering every employee with a definitive source of knowledge. 

Intelligent Solutions for Government Agencies


A Modern Citizen Services Solution

Our Citizen Engagement System is developed on a cloud-based platform offered by Microsoft, using a collaborative approach with government and departmental leadership and stakeholders.  It is intuitive and remains up to date with modern advances in technology, user patterns, and security and can be integrated with your existing systems.  U.S. based and FedRamp certified.


Phone System Integration or Native Voice

We can integrate with your organization’s existing call center phone system or implement the native voice channel in our omnichannel solution which is built on the same technology as Microsoft Teams voice calling features.


Citizen Services Contact Centers

Subscribe to Gov Link Contact Center Services.  We will staff and operate citizen assistant services supplemental to and in cooperation with your staff.  Our staff will be trained to represent the City in a professional manner.  Subscribe to these services ongoing or temporarily to help transition toward omnichannel engagement preparedness.

Contact Center Services

We offer 24×7 service request intake and frontline support.  Our team strives to exceed expectations in every interaction.  Our team doesn’t only solve your customer needs. We also provide dynamic workforce management and business intelligence insights to your team, helping us lower costs and reduce call volumes. 


Specialized for your Location

Service representatives undergo extensive training, preparing them to deliver the best service possible:


Dedicated or Shared Services

We build a workforce development program tailored for you to deploy our dedicated contact center services using staff in your area.  Multiple spoken and written languages can be supported.  Good when you want to use our contact center service as a long term alternative to hiring service representatives directly

With our shared contact center solution, U.S. based staff receive an orientation to your unique regional issues and experiences before they receive calls, web chats, emails or text message inquiries.  Ideal as a supplemental and/or temporary scale up to your existing internal capabilities.


Omnichannel Citizen Engagement

Our service representatives are prepared to engage with your constituents across a variety of communications channels:


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We provide mobile apps that are highly customized to promote your agency’s brand and commitment to excellent service.

AI-driven Virtual Agents can reduce staffing requirements and satisfy citizens rapidly.

We guide you with workforce development and organizational change management solutions.

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