Cloud Advisor Service

Our Cloud Advisor Service focuses on your organization’s goals and objectives and how The Microsoft Cloud can be an essential component of accomplishing them. We assign a lead technical executive to your account with the credentials and experience to deliver valuable insight and actionable guidance.

The scope of an Advisor engagement can be tailored to your organization’s needs. You may be looking for someone to validate your architecture or design, or you may need advice on what strategies to employ when onboarding a variety of workloads to Azure.

Schedule an Introductory Workshop Now

Schedule a free 1 to 2.5 hour Cloud Advisor Workshop. We offer one free workshop per quarter for existing clients, and an introductory workshop for potential clients.

During this workshop we will guide your team through the process of answering questions about The Cloud that can help define your cloud strategy for months and years to come. We personalize the workshop by collecting your questions, the technologies you use today, and an organizational profile. This information provides our Cloud Advisor the opportunity to plan a personalized workshop that can rapidly move you and your team past barriers to becoming a Secure Modern Enterprise.

Would the experience of deploying solutions for hundreds of Microsoft Cloud customers be valuable to you?

How It Works

The workshop is designed for small groups of attendees, ideally from 3 to 10 people. While our Cloud Advisors are deeply knowledgeable, it is a business workshop and is not meant to delve deeply into technical details. We gather information from you and tailor the workshop around your organization’s profile. Most workshops are conducted as web meetings using Skype for Business. Your attendees will need video capabilities. Upon request, workshops can be conducted at one of our offices, or at a location of your choice.

The Cloud Advisor Workshop is an unpaid service that carries no obligation to purchase products or services. You will receive a Cloud Guidance Report after the session that summarizes our findings from the workshop.

Your Responsibilities

1. Identify 3 to 10 people from your organization that will participate.

2. Fill out our Cloud Advisor Client Profile form.

3. Be prepared to participate, which may mean more than joining the discussion.

4. Be aware that Cloud Navigator is a Microsoft Partner with a sole focus on Microsoft’s Cloud services.

Our Commitment

1. All workshops will be planned and conducted by an experienced Cloud Advisor with over 20 years of IT experience and at least 10 years of Cloud IT experience.

2. We will consider your stated objectives but will also seek to identify opportunities to impact your organization that you haven’t yet identified.

3. Your Cloud Advisor will deliver a Cloud Guidance Report within 5 business days of the workshop.This report will summarize our recommendations and observations and how they can impact your journey as a Secure Modern Enterprise.