Customer Story: Apalachee Center

apa logoFor over half a century, Apalachee Center has been dedicated to helping the individuals and families of North Florida succeed in recovering from emotional, psychiatric, and substance abuse crises. These crises are often painful and frightening, and leave families and individuals feeling as if they are all alone and have nowhere to turn.


Apalachee Center was tasked with the setup of a Central Receiving Facility for incoming patients in partnership with two other local healthcare units and needed a solution to route the patients in a round robin fashion to the participating facilities.  They turned to the Cloud Navigator Dynamics 365 team for help.


Dynamics 365 is typically thought of as a Sales and/or Customer Service system, but the underlying platform provided by Microsoft is a powerful solution development platform that can be used in numerous ways that are not related to Sales or Customer Service at all.

Utilizing a combination of Dynamics 365 custom entities, real-time processes, custom workflow actions, and web resources, a patient intake routing system was developed.

The process starts when a new patient intake record is created and saved.  Since patients are typically brought into the Central Receiving Facility by law enforcement, the time to process them before the Officer leaves was critical and is tracked on the intake record.

After initial check-in and patient medical review, the referral process starts.  Utilizing the SLA system in Dynamics 365, the time between initial intake and first referral is tracked with a timer.  The system will then review all previous intake referrals to the various facilities, apply the custom workflow action feature in Dynamics 365, and present the user with the next facility that is in line to take a patient.   The user can then disposition the patient to that facility, or if the patient cannot be accepted for whatever reason, they can generate another referral to the next facility in the queue.


The Apalachee Center solution based on Dynamics 365 was built and deployed in less than 60 days.  After initial discovery meetings outlining the requirements for reporting and the various use cases for patient intake, work was begun.

The Central Receiving Facility went live in June of 2017 and to date has processed hundreds of patients, routing them evenly between all the participating facilities.  The system was deployed with minimal training for the Apalachee Center staff and worked on day 1 with only a few changes.

“Apalachee Center was tasked with developing a complex Patient Intake system to help us work with several local healthcare facilities and route patients according to some complex rules. It not only needed to meet the outlined requirements, but also be flexible enough to handle variable patient situations. The Dynamics 365 team at Cloud Navigator worked with us to develop a solution that was both intuitive for our users, and powerful enough to provide complex reporting data for our partners. They are knowledgeable, professional, and able to deliver on-time and on-budget!”
– Kyle Nolan, MIS Director, Apalachee Center

Dynamics 365 was the perfect platform for handling the complex requirements and create a simple, easy to understand User Experience.