Customer Story: F4 Tech

F4 LogoF4 aims to be the leading provider of technical forest and natural resource management services and products through the use of the latest and best available technology, a highly experienced, diverse workforce, a well developed network of strategic partners, and a wealth of applied knowledge in natural resources management.


F4 operated its internal IT systems from aging hardware.  Email, website and tracking systems were difficult to maintain as customer project demands experienced bursts and new requirements.  As a technology company, F4 desired to modernize IT around emerging cloud based solutions.  Special concerns revolved around large GIS data sets and the need for distributed analysis.


Cloud Navigator migrated F4 to Office 365 for email and SharePoint.  We established a virtual network in Azure and migrated a server to Azure.  We then engaged with F4 technical staff to explain new and emerging technologies and explore concepts that might apply to their business.

F4 embraced cloud based technologies in The Microsoft Cloud.  They deployed Power BI and developed dashboards in SharePoint so that their customers could monitor resource management activities in real time.

F4 deploys new GIS servers and databases regularly in Azure to respond to ever changing customer project requirements.


F4 embraced the cloud to demonstrate its position as a leader in technical services to the forestry industry.  Its business operates largely from the cloud.  Its customers now enjoy a higher level of visibility into their projects.