Customer Story: Mainline

mainline logoWith more than 28 years of experience, Mainline is a true veteran in the IT solutions industry. Mainline works with companies from across the country and across industries. When its disaster recovery solution was failing, it decided to look at The Cloud.  Even though Mainline is one of the largest IBM mainframe resellers in the world, The Microsoft Cloud had clear benefits.


Mainline was invested heavily in the Lotus Notes platform, which is no longer supported by IBM.  The disaster recovery solution that involved replication to a secondary physical data center was not working.  Mainline did not want to expand its physical IT footprint as the need for new applications became apparent to support its large sales force.


Cloud Navigator worked with Mainline to implement a virtual network and virtual machines connected securely to its local area network at its headquarters location.  A secondary Lotus Notes environment was built in Azure, and replication between production Notes servers and new servers in Azure was configured and tested.

As confidence grew in the disaster recovery solution for Lotus Notes, a plan emerged for eventually retiring the Notes system.  Lotus Notes was not only their email messaging platform, but an application environment hosting a number of important internal custom apps.

We migrated their email to Office 365 and Mainline began to re-develop custom apps as Azure Web Apps so that the plan for retiring Lotus Notes could move forward.


Mainline is making steady progress towards retiring Lotus Notes.  The current system has a confirmed operational disaster recovery plan.  Apps are being migrated to the Azure platform onto Platform as a Service (PaaS) apps using the Azure App Service.