Customer Story: Red Lobster

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Red Lobster, there was Bill Darden, a man passionate about making delicious, high-quality seafood available and affordable to everyone, including people who lived far from the coast. What was once a single, family-owned restaurant in Lakeland, Florida, now has over 700 locations.

From how we source our fish and shellfish to finding new ways for you to enjoy it, everything we do is a celebration of seafood.
We pour passion and expertise into every dish.


After years as one of many featured dining brands under the General Mills umbrella in 1995 Darden Restaurants spins-off from General Mills as a major national restaurant brand.

Then in 2014 Red Lobster stepped away from Darden Restaurant after Golden Gate Capital acquires the Red Lobster chain.  At this time Red Lobster had to totally divest itself from Darden Restaurants. This purchase produced a hard deadline for all of the Red Lobster assets to extricate from the Darden Restaurant networks.  As this timeline was drawing to a close, Cloud Navigator was called in to complete the job before Red Lobster would lose access completely.


Cloud Navigator successfully migrated both environments, store computers and employees, to Office 365. Giving management staff the tools they needed to manage the new endeavor and avoided critical loss of data by meeting deadline and allowing for the divestiture to complete as scheduled.