Customer Story: Florida’s 9th Judicial State Attorney’s Office

soa9 logoFlorida’s 9th Judicial State Attorney’s Office (SAO9) serves Orange and Osceola counties. The primary role of the State Attorney is to represent the State of Florida in the criminal court system. The State Attorney reviews criminal investigations conducted by law enforcement, decides if criminal charges are necessary and then presents the cases in criminal court.

More than 155 prosecutors work with support staff and investigators to serve the nearly 1.4 million citizens living in the Greater Orlando area. In addition to overseeing the third-largest circuit in the state, the Ninth Circuit State Attorney’s Office also protects many of the 50 million tourists that visit Central Florida each year. On average, they receive about 100,000 cases a year from law enforcement.


The SAO9 Office 365 migration project presented unique challenges related to aged systems and software, mission-critical availability requirements, and challenges related to the use of county networking services. SAO9 utilized a centralized service offering for its Exchange Email system which executed operations critical to the function of the agency day and night.  Interruptions to these mission critical jobs and processes were to be avoided at all costs, which made the already important communications and scheduling logistics critical to the success of the migration.


SAO9’s environment prior to migration was on outdated legacy hardware and unsupported versions of Microsoft’s Exchange Messaging system. Cloud Navigator migrated and transitioned the SAO9 Exchange 2007 active mailboxes to a single O365 tenant using tools from Priasoft. SAO9 also wanted to enhance their mobile security while allowing maximum productivity by utilizing Enterprise Mobility + Security. Cloud Navigator’s strategy leveraged 3rd party migration tools from Priasoft for an Exchange 2007 migration to the O365 Exchange online service. This toolset also migrated Public Folders which were used by SAO9 for critical business processes and which had to be synchronized reliably before and after the migration. Priasoft also took care of configuring the Outlook profiles for users so they would flip to use the cloud in a controlled and orchestrated manner with minimal impact to users. These steps occur with minor interaction by users, and email is available at all times.

Cloud Navigator’s recommended and implemented strategy was used to successfully move SAO9’s 380+ mailboxes. All mailboxes were placed on “Litigation Hold” to prevent deletion of any email from the mailboxes. We implemented Microsoft DirSync technology for identity and group synchronization from SAO9’s on-premise Microsoft Active Directory (AD) to the cloud based O365 directory (Windows Azure Active Directory), with Microsoft password synchronization for SSO. This configuration allows for on-premise administration of user access similar to SAO9’s previous management processes.

We provided documentation, testing, pilot, and production deployment support for iOS and Active Sync mobile devices. This provided SAO9 a smooth transition of mobile device mailbox access from the on-premise to O365 via autodiscover configuration of the mailbox, based on user credentials. We also migrated a large amount of public folder data to O365.

Knowledge transfer to SAO9 occurred consistently throughout the project as we worked closely with their senior IT support staff during all project phases of Discovery, Remediation, Planning, Testing, and Migration. We provided formal classroom instruction on O365 Administration for SAO9 IT staff that included Office 365 and Exchange Online portal, DirSync Management, Enterprise Mobility + Security, and Basic PowerShell administration.

Cloud Navigator’s approach to the desktop was to perform Exchange Messaging system migration first.  We worked closely with the SAO9 IT patch and deployment management staff to identify, test, and deploy the necessary software and patch level for the desktops. These patches allow the clients to operate properly upon the day of mailbox migration without interruption to access for functionality. The client switch was performed utilizing a Priasoft tool that configures profiles one time and then enables the autodiscover functionality within Office/Exchange and Outlook clients.

Lastly we planned and implemented Enterprise Mobility + Security to help protect data, secure devices, and expand single sign-on to enhance production.


Cloud Navigator’s approach to and processes for the migration, integrated with carefully managed schedules, ensured there was no end-user business interruption. SAO9’s requirements for a successful Office 365 migration were completely met.