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Meet the demands of a changing marketplace with cutting edge apps that integrate effortlessly into any part of your business. We can create custom solutions to meet your specific, detailed needs with applications built on the Dynamics 365 platform.


Charge into the future with dynamic apps on the Microsoft Cloud. Whether you want ready-to-use applications or entire solutions built from the ground-up to solve your business problem, Cloud Navigator can leverage the power of the Cloud to help your organization exceed its goals.


Having all your apps in one place will boost efficiency as projects that require multiple apps, with different functions, and different sets of data can all work together to help you achieve your goals. A centralized solution featuring Dynamics 365 will allow you to access all your apps, at any time, from anywhere in the world, on any device. No other solution can match that level of integration.


 One of the most popular and powerful uses of Microsoft Cloud-based apps is Customer Relationship Management. Cloud CRM systems offer data-backed, integrated solutions that improve every aspect of your interactions with customers.

  • More Accurate Decisions– CRM tools help you track marketing effectiveness, keep tabs on sales leads, track sales, and so much more. By analyzing and visualizing complex data though integrated tools, your organization will be empowered to make more insightful decisions and choices. The apps will even be able to make recommendations based on your company’s data and client behaviors you might otherwise miss.
  • Boost Efficiency– By automating and improving daily tasks with Microsoft-backed AI, you’ll free up time to focus on growing your business, not your workload.
  • Better Relationships With Your Customers– The better you understand your customers, the more accurately you can serve their needs and the happier they’ll be. Data alone can’t accomplish this. But, with comprehensive CRM apps, you can leverage your data to make real world decisions that enrich your customers’ experiences.  Start now →



Blow away the competition with end-to-end sales solutions that cut out the busy work and let you focus on what matters most. The productivity features for your sales force include actionable insights based around how each sales person works and an automated Relationship Assistant. Automatic reminders can be sent in advance of client meetings and calendar items to make sure your sales team is always a step ahead. They can also access every interaction and relevant piece of information about a deal or client in one central location to help close sales faster and make sure nothing gets missed.

The Sales app also helps managers streamline their work and react faster to changing circumstances. Managers can access real time analytics that integrate historical data with AI powered predictive information. Best of all, these features for both your sales force and managers are available on any device, anywhere in the world. With the Unified Interface framework based on responsive web design principles, your team will always have an optimal viewing experience for any screen, of any size, on any device. Dynamics 365 for Sales gives you the tools you need to succeed and lets you use them on your terms. But, don’t worry; you’ll never have to sacrifice security. The My Apps page will only show apps based on the specific user’s security level and role.


Remove the guesswork from customer interactions and optimize your team with Customer Service capabilities and apps. With unparalleled data and analytics tools, you can learn from every customer interaction to maximize performance and refine staffing levels. You can even generate automatic customer surveys with Microsoft Forms Pro to improve your process and team.

Customer Service apps also let your customers help themselves with community resources and articles. If they need further assistance, customers can get help through SMS or chats with advanced bots or human agents. Cloud Navigator can also show you how to build detailed profiles of your clients using Microsoft AI and deploy those profiles across your business. Anyone assisting a customer can see that customer’s entire history with your organization in a single snapshot to make every customer feel like a VIP. Your customer service reps can accomplish more, faster, with fewer resources than ever before to ensure your customers the best experience possible.


Business Central lets you manage your finances with solutions integrating data from sales, accounting, purchasing, inventory, and customer relations to give you the most accurate, up to date understanding of how your company is performing with Power BI. Dynamics 365 Business Central will save you time and money by helping you create secure quotes, track orders, and convert quotes into personalized invoices right in Outlook so you don’t have to switch between multiple programs with multiple interfaces. You can even automatically process payments and receive alerts about past-due accounts to expedite the collections process.

Best of all, Business Central is customizable, so it fits your organization’s specific needs and structure. You can create unique charts for your organization’s relevant accounts, map accounts needed for your general ledger, and create automated tasks and alerts that work how your company works. From budget tracking tools to integrated accounts payable and receivable functionality, Dynamics 365 Business Central will streamline the way your organization handles its finances, so you can focus on growth, not maintenance.

If you need help with:

  • Sales
  • Sales Management
  • Customer Service
  • Accounting
  • Field Service
  • Finance and Operations
  • Retail
  • Project Service
  • Marketing
  • Customer Insights

Then Cloud Navigator and the Microsoft Cloud have you covered.


Though ready-to-use apps can be convenient for many uses, sometimes your organization will need specially built custom apps tailored to your exact needs.

Cloud Navigator’s Dynamics 365 & Power Apps Solutions Development team can spec and build out complex custom Dynamics implementations. From a large 311 system to a small equipment tracking solution, we’ve done it. We also deploy the standard Customer Engagement, Talent Management, and Field Service solutions.

Whatever your organization needs, Cloud Navigator can build it, help you deploy it, and help you manage it so you can confidently transform your data into practical results.


By automating much of the process around sales, marketing, and administration, Customer Relationship Management solutions increase your profitability. You can target the most fruitful areas for growth and make sure that valuable customers are taken care of. Don’t miss out on lucrative growth opportunities by relying on outdated methods of customer management that cost you revenue.


These CRM tools aren’t just for businesses. Public services like 311 and 911 can benefit greatly from automated processes that take citizen data and call information and distribute it to the appropriate departments faster than any traditional framework. Less prone to error and able to use bulk data to recommend novel solutions, Cloud based CRM apps are revolutionizing how governments and municipalities improve service while trimming budgets. Find out more →


Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP for short, is software that integrates your organization’s supply chain, human resources, finances, operations, and manufacturing. Though you might have software that integrates some of these tasks, nothing short of the Cloud’s power and resources can integrate all that data into a single productive platform.

Revolutionary coordination like this can create never-before possible efficiencies by allowing parts of your organization to communicate in novel ways. With each division and department able to see what the other is doing, the information roadblocks of the past will disappear. More integration means less wasted effort and better focus on top line goals.

DYNAMICS 365 Grows with your business

Though the solutions offered through the Cloud can be comprehensive and cover every aspect of your business, you don’t have to change everything all at once. Because Dynamics 365 apps solve specific problems, you can begin with an app to address your immediate needs and integrate new apps as you’re ready for them. You don’t have to buy entire suites of software just to address individual issues. This saves you money and allows you to grow your business software with your business in intelligent and customizable ways.

As you leverage your Cloud based apps to improve your business and bottom line, you can add applications with confidence, knowing that they will integrate seamlessly into your current software. This will reduce learning time, wasted effort with data migration, and allow all of this productivity with greater security as it’s all possible with a single login credential.

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Our cloud solutions are unique to each customer and we have a long track record of successful deployments.  Best of all, our varied expertise can help consolidate all of your current distributed technologies into one cloud computing and business intelligence vendor.

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Key Takeaways

  • Cloud Navigator can help you find and deploy ready-built app solutions or create custom solutions from the ground up for your exact needs.
  • Cloud Navigator’s industry-leading experience coupled with the powerful Microsoft Cloud can improve productivity through automation and better data analysis without sacrificing security.
  • Cloud based apps with Dynamics 365 can integrate apps and data to revolutionize Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning for 21st Century results.
  • With apps like Sales, Customer Service, and Business Central, you can eliminate waste and maximize productivity to blow past your competition.
  •   You can begin slowly with small solutions to urgent problems and scale solutions seamlessly as you grow with Cloud Navigator’s expert Cloud management.


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