Modern Remote Workplaces

The way you work is changing. Are you prepared?


  • Delays in development and implementation of content and ideas
  • Unreliable version control
  • Difficult to involve outside contributor
  • Inefficient co-authoring and file sharing


  • No multi-factor authentication
  • Cloud storage accessible by hyperlink
  • Unsecured chat
  • Shared files outside IT control


  • Increased IT support workload
  • Increased onboarding time
  • Lack of centralized hub for information
  • Tools used inconsistently across the organization


  • Difficult to access and share files remotely
  • Hard to integrate vendors and contractors
  • Challenging to access conversations and notes across platforms and devices
  • Need to involve a growing remote workforce
  • Bring your own devices

Imagine a workplace ​without walls or limits.​

  • Real-time collaboration ​on documents.​
  • Ability to work from ​anywhere on any device.​
  • All files for projects in ​one accessible place.​
  • Online meetings at the ​click of a button.​
  • Simple device management ​and always-on security.​

Constant changes in technology and the modern work landscape make flexibility a prerequisite to continued success. With distributed teams, new business models, and new challenges, your organization needs technology that doesn’t just keep up, but keeps you ahead of the curve. ​

Collaboration tools are becoming more of a priority and play a critical role in the success of many organizations. With the increased number of employees either working remotely full time, or at least some of the time, the demand for flexibility continues to increase. The freedom to work in a secure and productive environment anytime, on any device, and regardless of location, is critical to their success. ​

If you need a workplace with no boundaries, the ability to join an online meeting from any device, seamless collaboration with your peers, sharing and updating documents real-time, immediate access to those important project files, then Remote Workforce Enablement is right for you.  ​

Cloud Navigator can show you how Remote Workforce Enablement can create a limitless workplace by implementing the right tools to connect and support employees in a secure and productive environment.  Employees seamlessly maintain productivity, engagement, and collaboration no matter where they are. ​

Microsoft Teams

As COVID-19 continues to keep people working remotely, it’s becoming increasingly important to help your team feel connected. With isolation, social distancing, and stay at home mandates, it’s easy for individuals to start to feel disconnected and discouraged. Giving your team the resources to stay connected can help. Microsoft Teams can be one of those resources.


through chat, meetings & calls


with deeply integrated Office 365 apps


with third-party apps, processes & devices


Enterprise level security, compliance & manageability

Not only can Teams help you continue to run your business as smoothly as possible during this challenging and uncertain time, it can also bring your team together. With features like one-on-one chats or instant group messages, colleagues can easily keep in touch—making up for the missed water cooler conversations. Meetings can also run smoothly with sharing features and chat windows so everyone can be included. Collaboration is also made easy on Teams where multiple people can work together on a single project.

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Modern Remote Workplaces

Our cloud solutions are unique to each customer and we have a long track record of successful deployments.  Best of all, our varied expertise can help consolidate all of your current distributed technologies into one cloud computing and business intelligence vendor.

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Key Takeaways

  • Cloud Navigator can help you find and deploy ready-built app solutions or create custom solutions from the ground up for your exact needs.
  • Cloud Navigator’s industry-leading experience coupled with the powerful Microsoft Cloud can improve productivity through automation and better data analysis without sacrificing security.
  • Cloud based apps with Dynamics 365 can integrate apps and data to revolutionize Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning for 21st Century results.
  • With apps like Sales, Customer Service, and Business Central, you can eliminate waste and maximize productivity to blow past your competition.
  •   You can begin slowly with small solutions to urgent problems and scale solutions seamlessly as you grow with Cloud Navigator’s expert Cloud management.


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