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Constant changes in technology and the modern work landscape make flexibility a prerequisite to continued success. With distributed teams, new business models, and new challenges, your organization needs technology that doesn’t just keep up, but keeps you ahead of the curve. The right digital tools connect and support employees, wherever they are, to encourage productivity, engagement, and collaboration. Cloud Navigator can show you how Microsoft 365 powers our global, modern workplace with one bundle of products: a smart, efficient operating system, enterprise-grade security tools, and seamlessly integrated workplace productivity apps. Most importantly, we can show you how to have all these productivity tools while keeping your workplace secure against modern threats.


Our Productivity Practice can help you get the most out of the latest Cloud technology. Microsoft offers many powerful apps and programs to help your business succeed. With Flow, you can integrate these apps and automate their interactions to save you time and effort while maximizing your productivity.

The range of productivity enhancements and automations is truly impressive.

  • Do you get frustrated when you’re working on a collaborative project and you come back feeling lost when you find a shared document has been modified numerous times without notes? With Flow you can set up automatic notifications to alert you when shared data sources are changed so you never have to deal with outdated information again.
  • Are you tired of managing personal and work calendars that require you to make two entries for every new event? Does it take forever to set up important meetings while you wait for everyone to respond with their availabilities? Flow provides seamless integration of calendars and schedules to eliminate delays and frustrating back-and-forth rescheduling conversations. Flow’s workplace optimizations allow you to spend time on the important issues that require your focus by automating organizational communication.
  • Are you tired of wasting time searching for lost email attachments? With Flow, you can automatically put email attachments into specific folders so you never misplace an important file again.


Imagine someone writes a Tweet about your organization. When that tweet is posted, your Twitter app will be notified. You can set up a tracker app to check the number of followers the original poster has. If that number meets your pre-determined threshold, you can add the poster’s information to a database in a third app. You can then have a fourth app, MailChimp, for example, take the names in your database and automatically send them marketing emails on predetermined schedules.

With just a little bit of up-front configuration, you can use Flow to automate interactions from marketing, to lead generation, to customer surveys. Cloud Navigator can show you how to combine Microsoft’s most powerful and agile apps to automate processes that would otherwise take hundreds of hours of dedicated work. See how

With apps ranging from Google calendar and Outlook to Dropbox and social media to powerful AI analytics tools, the possibilities and customizations for your organizations needs are endless.


Automation available with Microsoft Flow isn’t just for the private sector. Governments and municipalities can leverage the Cloud to save serious money while being more responsive to the needs of their citizens. For example, consider the issue of reporting potholes to local government. In a traditional framework, a citizen would call, leave a message, and a worker would then go through the messages. He or she would then call or email the public works employee responsible for pothole repair. That employee would check their voicemail and then add the pothole to a list. Then a scheduler has to check availability and schedule a repair. This process is labor intensive, time consuming, and quite inefficient.

With Flow, your city or town can take pothole reports, automatically record and map their locations and schedule repairs without a single minute of employee time spent digging through messages, transferring information, or balancing schedules. Faster response times with fewer resources spent make Flow the smart solution for the public sector.


Cloud Navigator will guide you through maximizing productivity with Microsoft’s modern tools. We’ll also work with you to leverage powerful security features that combine convenience with protection so you can be confident that your data is safe.


Productivity requires flexible communication in a modern workplace. But, traditionally, more communication options meant more logins, more passwords, and more hassle. That’s no longer the case with Microsoft’s single sign-on.

With single sign-on, users sign in just once, with just one account to access multiple devices, software-based applications, company resources, and web applications. Once they’re singed in, users can launch apps from the Azure AD MyApps access panel or the Office 365 portal.

Not only is this amazingly convenient for users, but administrators can also control and modify user account permissions from a central location. Users can have access granted or removed from specific apps and software based on project and group membership. Users and admins will benefit greatly from the hassle free approach enabled by single sign-on.


In the past, productivity and security were often at odds. Thanks to Microsoft’s single sign-on, this is no longer the case. Traditionally, users had to remember different logins and passwords for every single app, software, device, and account. Not only did this place a burden on users, but it often led to lapses in best practices when it came to security. With so much to remember, users often took the easy route, rather than the secure one. Also, IT departments had to manage and update separate accounts for everything ranging from Office 365 to Salesforce to email clients to computers. Just accessing a single piece of information, looking at it, and sending it to a colleague could take 4 or 5 user names and passwords. Your users and admins have better uses for their time than managing login information.


Even though single sign-on allows users access to all of the resources they need without juggling a dozen passwords, it’s important to note that not all users need access to all of your organization’s resources. Fortunately, single sign-on comes equipped with a broad suite of security options to configure user access to critical resources without compromising the integrity of your security.

Cloud apps can utilize OAuth, OpenID Connect, SAML, linked, or password-based, methods for single sign-on. Apps operating in-house can make use of single sign-on with Integrated Windows Authentication, password-based, linked, or header-based options. Cloud Navigator can help your admins can tailor single sign-on to your organization’s specific needs.


The countless options, integrations, and automations that can be leveraged though the Cloud will revolutionize productivity, but they also introduce unique security concerns. Cloud Navigator can help you understand these concerns and address them through a Data Loss Prevention policy.

Balancing the need to share data with employees and across tools while addressing security concerns might seem like a daunting challenge, but the Microsoft Cloud has solutions that solve these modern problems. A Data Loss Prevention Policy can make sure that relevant decision makers have access to the data they need while keeping that data safe from anyone who shouldn’t have access.

Microsoft Flow allows you to decide which users and which connectors should have the ability to share data to prevent any accidental data access. For example, your organization may have an automated social media feed in one app and customer data in another. To prevent any accidental use of the private data to your social media feed, your Data Loss Prevention policy can restrict access so that your customer data can never be shared, accidentally or otherwise, to your social media feeds.


Changes in technology have created amazing opportunities to do more with fewer resources. Productivity enhancements like single sign-on, better integration through Microsoft Flow, and automated task management magnify your organization’s reach immensely. However, new ways of doing business create new security concerns. Trust the industry leaders at Cloud Navigator to help you transition to the modern workplace.

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Key Takeaways

  • Microsoft Flow allows you to automate tasks that make your organization faster, more efficient, and more effective.
  • Amazing new convenience features like single sign-on make memorizing a dozen passwords and login IDs a thing of the past.
  • With these advances also come new security features like container access restrictions, Data Loss Protection configurations, and sign-in configurations.
  • Cloud Navigator can help you understand which of these new tools will work best for your specific organization whether you’re an enterprise level business or a local government.


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