Trusted Execution Environments in Azure

Microsoft is providing greater and greater levels of security for your apps and data.  A recent announcement regarding Trusted Execution Environments in Azure and blockchain additions to Always Encrypted for Azure SQL Database.

I was first interested in learning more about Always Encrypted since we use Azure SQL Database heavily with a number of clients.  The use of blockchain technology to implement encryption-in-use for Azure SQL Database and SQL Server is an enhancement to Always Encrypted which ensures that sensitive data within a SQL database can be encrypted at all times without compromising the functionality of SQL queries.

I then learned about how Trusted Execution Environments or TEEs are coming to Azure, and felt I needed to spread the word.  Azure confidential computing ensures that when data is “in the clear,” which is required for efficient processing, the data is protected inside a TEE (also known as an enclave). TEEs ensure there is no way to view data or the operations inside from the outside, even with a debugger. They even ensure that only authorized code is permitted to access data. If the code is altered or tampered, the operations are denied and the environment disabled.

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