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This site provides easy access to health care information which facilitates Florida citizens in making informed medical decisions.


The Florida Health Finder (FHF) website is a comprehensive resource for Floridians to access health care information. The website includes various tools for comparing health care facilities and providers, finding health care resources, and learning about medical conditions. The Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) created the website in 2000 and has since expanded and updated it to gain national recognition for health care transparency. In 2022, the Agency initiated a refresh of the Florida Health Finder website to coordinate with previous efforts and create an updated user interface. Studies show that public reporting of provider performance is a key element in promoting enhanced patient care and consumer choice. The legislature and AHCA saw an opportunity to provide a better and more accessible site for the public to learn more about medical conditions and health care providers.


The Agency for Healthcare Administration sources medical facility information, patient statistics, and overall health outcomes to report to the public for health transparency. The goal of the information is to create a functional and user-friendly website for Floridians to find affordable and quality near them, as well as empower entities that use these reports throughout their business decision making processes. To do this, Cloud Navigator worked with AHCA to ensure clean and easy to use user interfaces, data transparency, maintainability, and uniformity across all AHCA health transparency websites. As such, the Cloud Navigator team has created a new user interface to provide a user-friendly way to access this wealth of information.

Products Used and Services Cloud Navigator Provided

  • .Net 6
  • Net Core
  • C# razor pages
  • SQL
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Azure App Service
  • Azure App Service Environment
  • SQL Azure
  • Azure Key Vault
  • Azure Virtual Network
  • Private Endpoints
  • Network Security Groups
  • Azure Monitor
  • Application Insights


The refreshment of the Florida Health Finder website aims to create a more user-friendly interface and coordinate with the MyFloridaRX and Florida Price Finder initiative. By providing access to transparent health information, the website promotes enhanced patient care and consumer choice for Floridians.

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