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The traditional office isn’t confined to one building any longer. Workers collaborate on different devices, in different time zones, and across different continents. Rapid, effective, and accurate communication is critical to success in such an environment. However, with more workers in more places, securing your data becomes difficult. Inelegantly applied security solutions impede work flow and productivity, but Cloud Navigator’s experience can show you a better way forward.

Modern Security Solutions

Traditional security frameworks no longer hold up in a world where users access corporate content on multiple devices from the office, at home and in transit, placing sensitive data at risk. Workers interact with confidential content on the same devices they use for personal communication and entertainment. More problematically, they use these devices across unsecured connections and in public locations. Less secure devices and use methodologies require smarter security.

The High Cost Of Low Security

Failure to deal with the changing use and security landscape can be both professionally embarrassing and financially disastrous. Companies and governments across the world discover all too frequently how shortcuts in security can cause long-term trouble.


In May of this year, hackers exploited a security vulnerably in Riviera Beach’s email system to compromise the entire city government and lock down critical services for weeks. For nearly a month, city employees could not access emails, 911 dispatchers could not use their computers, and Police officers lost the use of key electronic equipment. As the Washington Post reports, this move “sheds light on how vulnerable many municipalities are to ransomware hacks.”


Riviera Beach is far from the only victim of a growing epidemic of governments and corporations losing time, money, reputation, and productivity to hackers exploiting outdated and inefficient security systems.

The list of other victims is too long to detail fully, but some notable incidents include:

  • Lake City, Florida – In June 2019, the city paid hackers roughly $425,000 to recover their computer systems after a devastating cyber-attack. The city’s insurance will cover less than 3% of the ransom costs, or $10,000.
  • Baltimore, MD – Attacked by Ransomware twice in the last two years, affecting 911 emergency services, bill payment, and communications. The city had to allocate millions in its budget to deal with future attacks.
  • Atlanta, GA – The city decided not to pay the $51,000 ransom demanded by hackers and has so far incurred $7.2 million in damages as a direct result. Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms expects the total cost to continue rising with no end in sight.
  • The FBI reported nearly 1,500 ransomware attacks in 2018 alone. As more victims pay the demanded ransoms, attacks are expected to increase.

Custom Security Solutions

 With bad actors working tirelessly to exploit security vulnerabilities, smart organizations are realizing that inaction is the most expensive option. However, not all security solutions are created equal. Cookie cutter security options that fail to account for your organization’s specific needs leave critical vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Cloud Navigator will work with you to understand how you operate and create custom security solutions that will grow with your business. Our flexible approach ensures a suite of security solutions designed with you in mind.

Cyber Risk Mitigation

Your first line of defense is our Cyber Risk Mitigation service. Cloud Navigator uses our partnership with Microsoft to prepare for threats before they materialize. As information technology systems are being targeted and compromised at increasing frequencies and with greater sophistication, Cloud Navigator is working tirelessly to stay at the cutting edge of cyber security to minimize risk to our clients.

As Microsoft continuously updates its products, we continuously adjust our protection, monitoring, response activities and protocols to better protect your organization. If a threat is detected, Cloud Navigator will engage the Microsoft Security Response Center to access the world’s most capable information technology security professionals on behalf of our customers.

Email Reputation Defense – Securing Your Communication

Our Cloud Risk Management service includes a unique Email Reputation Defense service that eliminates the risks associated with email phishing. The other components of the service are focused on securing your cloud investments and access points. These services are specifically targeted to defend against the security vulnerabilities most frequently targeted by ransomware and malicious actors. Targets for vulnerability analysis will include e-mails sent from known threats or new threats, internal and external e-mail phishing, and Mass e-mail campaigns launched with your company domain.

Solutions will include blocking the threat using multiple tools, reporting users with potentially compromised passwords, and providing reports about your organization’s e–mail reputation, monitoring and protection activity. These services will help secure your e-mail communication and ensure that your e-mail is received by your target audience without problems or delays.

 Custom Cloud Defense For Each Customer

 Our Cloud Security Vulnerability Analysis will find gaps in your protection and help you plug them quickly and easily. We will identify legacy authentication mechanisms, outdated and unused protocols, and check the status of built-in security features. We will gather rich data for analysis through the configuration of multiple inputs and create custom alerts in tune with your organization’s needs. To understand and leverage this data we’ll use tools like Microsoft’s Power BI to visualize data, helping to detect anomalies that could be attackers.

As the threat landscape changes, we’ll continue to adapt your protection to ensure that your organization has the best possible security. As new security measures and approaches become available, we’ll adapt their use to your specific needs to help your feel confident in your security without sacrificing productivity.

Keeping Your Data Safe With Cloud Threat Analysis

Cloud Navigator will configure custom inputs to get rich data for security analysis so we can provide you with alerting that works how your business works. As we understand the data your business generates, we’ll roll out cloud security solutions that fit your needs. This will include the enabling of native security features, gradually phasing out unneeded access, constant monitoring and reporting about exceptions, and integrating new security approaches as they become available. Our constant attention will analyze reports for false positives, discover and report users who might be compromised, and limit your risk from future threats.

Understanding Security Vulnerabilities

Every organization leans on their IT department to provide solutions that address business needs, but not every part of the organization is patient and sometimes bypasses IT. This can be as simple as using unsanctioned cloud storage or using new Microsoft Cloud features in unsanctioned and insecure ways. Attackers look for these shadow uses of technology and leverage them for their own means.

The Microsoft Cloud offers many features, some based upon new technology and some leveraging legacy capabilities. To reduce your susceptibility to attack, any technology or service you no longer need should be analyzed and disabled. Determining what is truly needed to support the business versus technology of convenience is a tough challenge, but Cloud Navigator has the experience to help. We can determine which systems are no longer mission critical and provide security for those that are.


If the worst does happen, our status as Microsoft Gold partners means that Cloud Navigator can bring in Microsoft’s own team of experts to contain and solve your security crisis. Depending on your needs, we can bring in everything from phone support to live, on site Incident Response teams deploying custom-built tools. These on-site teams can reverse engineer the malicious software affecting your organization to contain it, help you respond, and make sure you recover rapidly. These are the security services trusted by the world’s largest companies. Cloud Navigator can harness their power for you.


The Microsoft Cloud features more than 50 compliance certifications targeted to international regions and specific countries. These certifications cover the United States, the European Union, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, China and India.

In addition, the Cloud offers 35 other compliance certifications and options for many major industries. From education, government, and health care to media, finance, and manufacturing, Microsoft offers in-depth compliance options for your needs.

Protection And Productivity In One Package

Cloud Navigator understands that although security is paramount, it’s not your only concern. Security has to be balanced with productivity to endure your organization’s success. We’ll use our industry-leading experience to deliver custom solutions that work for your needs. We maintain a sterling reputation while handling sensitive data for governments and enterprise clients.

Whether you’re ready to secure your workplace against 21st Century threats or you’ve tried the competition and now need it done right, with industry leading experience, Cloud Navigator is here to help provide you with the most secure and productive workplace cutting edge technology can provide.

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