Creating a Digital Strategy

Every company will become a tech company

Businesses no longer view digital transformation solely as a source of innovation. It has become a requirement for business continuity, enabling teams to work anywhere and organizations to rapidly adjust in the face of a crisis.

Modern technology solutions are all central to this development. Organizations are converting data into meaningful value, finding new ways to serve customers, and building solutions that are relevant for a rapidly changing socioeconomic environment. Meanwhile, they are successfully reinventing for the digital economy. That’s digital transformation.

Focus on four areas to unlock value

Successful organizations make the most of their transformation journey by focusing on empowering people to achieve more with the right technology.

Vision and strategy

Defining a clear vision and strategy is key to developing a strong roadmap to help move your organization forward.

Diversity & Inclusion

Creating a culture that invites diversity and allows for change to be positively accepted will advance your organization in an evolving socioeconomic environment.

Unique potential

Amplifying your organization’s unique potential transforms your organization into a more effective workplace.


Developing your organization’s capabilities continuously enables you to improve productivity and efficiency every day.

Each business and government agency will have unique needs.  For example, the need for greater efficiencies and better communication with citizens is making digital transformation initiatives imperative across local, regional, and national governments, especially in a crisis. Expect governments to deepen their reliance on enabling remote access, empowering cross-agency collaboration, and delivering trusted and secure services to improve citizen public health efforts and better engage citizens safely.

See our case study to learn how the Florida Department of Education uses Dynamics 365 for Marketing to accomplish this new level of engagement.

There is a common blueprint for organizations and the cloud

Every organization is unique, but every organization deserves and opportunity for enhanced security, greater productivity, cost control, and a path for the future.  There’s a common blueprint that leverages the cloud for the most secure identity and access management, enforcing security on workstations and devices, and opening up the possibilities for more effective integration across Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings, custom apps, mobile apps, and other IT workloads that run your business.

While the blueprint is universal and vendor agnostic, at Cloud Navigator we build according to this blueprint using Microsoft’s cloud services including Azure Active Directory, which enables us to create a secure environment for global access and interoperability across all of your systems.

When you create a solid foundation, you open up a world of new possibilities, including the capacity to leverage data analytics and AI to move forward.

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