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Harness the Power of AI to skyrocket Your Productivity

The Microsoft AI platform provides a suite of powerful tools to transform the way you do business with security enhancements, productivity automations, and machine learning to help you do more than you ever thought possible. Tools like the Bot Framework, Azure Machine Learning, and Cognitive Services can automate, improve, and innovate on your behalf with minimal oversight and massive results.

These enterprise-grade solutions are powerful enough for the world’s biggest companies and customizable to the needs of small businesses and local governments. Whether you need to improve shipping to tens of thousands of customers or tighten security at a 10 person startup, Cloud Navigator can build a solution that works for you. With AI tools that developers can quickly and easily infuse into apps and scenarios, your business solutions can learn from your customers to improve service while collecting data that drives insights and decisions. Your imagination is no longer the limit with intelligent programs that can improve themselves.

Microsoft’s Bot Framework Is Revolutionizing Customer Service

Azure Bot Service lets your organization build intelligent bots that serve your clients while maintaining total control of your data. You can start with a simple bot that answers basic questions or create a complex virtual assistant. However complex you want your bot to be, Microsoft’s open source SDK can easily connect your new bot to the devices and channels of your choice. The rage of possibilities is staggering as you can give your custom bot speech abilities, listening skills, and evaluation ability with Azure Cognitive Services. Once you build your bot, you can test it, connect it to your resources, deploy it, and manage its functionality all through Azure Bot Service. This entirely integrated development environment makes creating custom bots easy and efficient.


With Microsoft’s Language Understanding, or LUIS, you can add natural language to your apps and bots. LUIS applies machine learning to conversations with customers to comprehend and predict overall meaning from requests made in everyday language. LUIS can take sentences written or spoken by your customers and analyze them, understanding their nuanced meaning and processing requests for information or action.


Though LUIS comes ready to be deployed and comes with dictionaries, 13 languages, and easy app integration, all that’s only the beginning. As soon as LUIS begins interacting with your customers, the model engages in active learning, growing its effectiveness and providing you with constant data relevant to your customers. You don’t need to worry about the safety of your data with LUIS. The customer data handled by your bots is not shared with Microsoft and remains secure and encrypted.

 Microsoft’s Cognitive Services can apply Machine Learning and AI to make your business more secure and productive.

  • 21st Century Security with Face API– For an added layer of security, you can integrate Microsoft’s Face API into your existing security infrastructure. Users can verify their identities through cameras on their smartphones laptops, or desk tops. This extra step is fast, compatible with all smartphones, and works well in low light. Rather than building your own solution from the ground up, let Face API bolster your security so you can focus on moving your business forward.
  • Have more productive meetings with Conversation Transcription– Don’t waste time trying to keep minutes for meetings and then poring over questionable handwriting or emailing around to ask for someone else’s notes. Microsoft’s Conversation Transcription can record your meetings and supply them in searchable text formats.
  • Improve meeting notes and voicemail systems with Speaker Recognition– Microsoft’s Speaker Recognition can compare speech to audio of known speakers to provide you with the speaker’s identity. This has a variety of interesting uses, including assigning names to AI rendered meeting notes and transcripts. When combined with Conversation Transcription, you can fully documented meetings without devoting any human work hours to note taking.


Whether your organization is in the public or private sector, if you deal with forms and you’d like to extract the data quickly, easily, and without devoting time and resources, Microsoft’s Machine Learning can handle your needs. To begin, you only need five completed forms or two completed forms and an empty copy of the form. From there, the computer learning algorithm will start to understand and group your data. Form Organizer can even turn hand written forms into usable data in much less time and with much lower cost than traditional methods. This allows you to focus on understanding your data, not on collecting and collating it.

Machine learning models based on pre-trained platforms only work when you have perfectly standard content for them to analyze. Form Recognizer doesn’t need training or programing. It learns by processing your own forms and adapting to your specific needs. This method, backed by the powerful Microsoft Cloud, means more accurate results and less hassle.

Productivity Without Sacrificing Security

With built-in security protection, your data is always private with Microsoft Cognitive Services. Form Recognizer does not use your data externally, share your data, or allow it to be accessed by any other entity outside the parameters you set for it. You can be confident that your data and your customers’ data are always safe. Most importantly, you have total control over where your data is processed by using containers. Form Recognizer even supports hybrid environments to allow the processing of data stored on site. You can process forms in minutes that would otherwise take weeks while reducing the number of people who need access to them in order to complete the task. Learn more →


Microsoft’s Data and Analytics platform integrates powerful processing with revolutionary machine learning to help you see your data in ways you never considered. Azure leverages services like SQL Data Warehouse, Data Factory, Azure Databricks and Azure Data Lake to provide industry leading visualization and reporting capabilities with Power BI.


 Power BI is a business and data analytics service that turns raw data into powerful insights and action points quickly and accurately. It provides data scientists the tools to understand your data on the cloud or in house. It also provides visualization tools and AI tools to allow non-data scientists to prepare data. Using these services, anyone can create machine learning models and uncover useful insights from both picture and text data sources. You can collaborate and share your data across specialized dashboards and in interactive reports. The tools scale to your needs and even provide you with built-in security options to ensure your data is only used exactly where you want and need it.

Power BI uses no-limit Azure data lakes to deliver your analyzed data at lightning speeds.  See how Power BI can turbocharge your productivity →

Integrated Solutions That Anyone Can Use

Power BI, apps, connectors, and Microsoft Flow are all designed to work together so that you can work in a single environment to interact with customers, analyze data, and act on that analysis. You can even automate actions using Microsoft’s suite of AI options to put your insights into practice while your efforts are needed elsewhere.

You don’t need a workplace full of technical experts to leverage these tools across your organization. Cloud Navigator can help you implement solutions that work for you to help you maintain a secure and productive workplace.

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