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Most businesses have figured out that cost reductions, security enhancements, and productivity improvements make Cloud computing the future of technology infrastructure. In fact, more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies trust their business to run on the Microsoft Cloud. But how your organization can leverage the cloud is a complicated question. Though there are cookie-cutter options available for migrating your work and data to the cloud, without expert guidance, you won’t be able to leverage the security and productivity features that make the Cloud so valuable. Cloud Navigator can help you start today.

Industry Leading Expertise

Cloud Navigator will help your business realise the potential of the Microsoft Cloud while keeping your services fast and secure.  As cloud adoption rapidly becomes a necessary business decision, you need a partner that has the experience to not only implement the solution, but also to advise you on the aspects of your business which will benefit most from it.

Rather than wasting effort and time, trust the industry leaders at Cloud Navigator to customize a Cloud Migration Plan for your specific needs. We’ll maximize the impact on your productivity while minimizing the risk to your security.

Why Cloud Navigator?

Our individualized, innovative approach and elite status as Microsoft Gold Partners set us apart, but our experience and customer service mark us as industry leaders. We have in-depth expertise with solutions architecture, execution, and ongoing management. We’ve done every job from custom, single server migrations to complex 150 server migrations.

We can provide solutions for any kind of industry and chances are we already have experience with a company, enterprise, or organization similar to yours. We’ll work with you to understand your specific needs and craft a custom plan to help you achieve your goals.

Our work isn’t limited to our clients. We also take on the most complex migrations required by other Cloud Services Providers and consult on their projects. Our role as leading experts means that even our competitors come to use for assistance with their toughest projects.


  • Red Lobster
  • adcomm
  • MicroPact
  • Cogeco Peer 1
  • Mainline Information Systems
  • The Microsoft Store


  • Florida Department of Education’
  • Leon County Florida
  • Florida Executive Office of the Governor
  • State of Alabama
  • Louisville Metro Government
  • Florida Forestry Service
  • Florida Department of Children and Families
  • Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

What Can the Microsoft Cloud Do for You?

Microsoft invests over $1 Billion every year in its Azure Cloud services, resulting in immense benefits for its customers and partners. Whether you need entirely Cloud-based services or a customized hybrid approach, Cloud Navigator can leverage the Microsoft Cloud to empower your organization.

Security And Data Confidence With The Cloud

Azure analyzes 6.5 Trillion threat signals every day to ensure that Microsoft Cloud customers are protected. Their 3,500 security professionals utilize decades of experience and advanced AI systems to tack, identify, and respond to threats.

Huge Savings Powered the Latest Technology

Companies that embrace digital transformation often realise higher operating margins, generating more revenue per employee. The largest savings are associated with lowered hardware costs. Cloud-based infrastructure lowers total overhead costs associated with in-house servers, hardware, and the very expensive support infrastructure required to maintain that hardware. Not only does the Cloud reduce the need for constant hardware upgrades and maintenance, but it allows for significantly lower overall lifecycle costs.

Aside from hardware, there are several other financial advantages to a cloud-based approach. Lowered costs associated with networking, electricity, and software all factor in to the impressive savings when migrating your data and work to the cloud.

This means that as your business grows, your computing power can scale much faster than your costs.

More Secure Data

Not only can a cloud-based infrastructure provide your organization with better protection against security threats, but it can lower other risks to your data as well. Data stored on site is more susceptible to natural disasters and acute environmental events than data backed up across highly secured Microsoft data centers.

Extend Your Security and Protect Your Business With the Microsoft Cloud

With support ending for Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008, there will be no more critical security updates. If not dealt with in time, this could cause serious interruptions in your business and work flow. Worse still, without regular security bulletins and updates, you’re much more vulnerable to hackers, malware, and ransomware.

End of support for Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 offers an opportunity to modernize with the Microsoft cloud. Combine flexibility, high compatibility, and hybrid capabilities with a secure and familiar platform, while gaining cloud agility and increased efficiency. Migrating existing apps enables you to get more time back to focus on your business with hassle-free upgrades that ensure your applications are always up to date. Deliver the reliability and high performance your business needs and reduce downtime – no matter where you are on your digital transformation journey.

Modernize Your Business With The Microsoft Cloud

Digital transformation has become the industry standard, and businesses who understand this are well placed to outperform the competition while providing the most up-to-date customer experience.

Migrate to the Microsoft cloud, and benefit from Microsoft’s $1 Billion annual investment into a secure platform you can trust. With enhanced security through operational best practices and a global team of over 3,500 cybersecurity experts, you get three years of security updates at no charge and built-in security that encrypts and protect your data.

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