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City of Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach Government


The City of Panama City Beach needed help merging two existing Office 365 messaging environments to a new Office 365 GCC tenant.


The City of Panama City Beach, along with its Police Department, aimed to consolidate their existing Microsoft tenants. This integration was to encompass all shared and resource mailboxes, more than 20 Team sites, over 20 SharePoint sites, and upwards of 300 GB of data stored in OneDrive. By merging these tenants, they anticipated a significant simplification in the management and upkeep of their Microsoft 365 environments.


To address the challenge faced by the City of Panama City Beach and its Police Department, Cloud Navigator designed and implemented a comprehensive solution to merge their existing Microsoft tenants. We consolidated all shared and resource mailboxes, ensuring seamless email communication and resource sharing across the entire organization. Merging over 20 Team sites and more than 20 SharePoint sites was crucial for fostering better collaboration and information sharing, providing a centralized platform for document management and team interactions. Integrating over 300 GB of data from individual OneDrive accounts into a unified system not only streamlined data access and management but also ensured consistency in file storage and retrieval processes. The consolidation significantly simplified the operational aspects of managing the Microsoft 365 environments. It reduced the complexity of managing multiple tenants, streamlined administrative tasks, and provided a more straightforward approach for maintenance and updates.

Products Used and Services Cloud Navigator Provided

  • Microsoft 365
  • BitTitan MigrationWiz
  • Commercial and Government Tenant
  • Entra ID Cloud Sync
  • Microsoft Windows PowerShell
  • Microsoft Project


Upon successful completion of this project, the City of Panama City Beach accomplished its primary objective of optimizing IT resources.

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