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The Colorado Community College System Microsoft 365 consolidation project centralized the Microsoft 365 tenants simplifying administrative tasks such as user management, licensing, data governance, and security protocols.


As part of a long-term plan to provide easy and seamless access to its IT resources the Colorado Community College System and its Colleges had a goal of consolidating all the Microsoft 365 tenants from each of its colleges and the system into a single tenant. This fragmentation led to complexities in managing IT resources, inconsistencies in user experience, and difficulties in collaboration and information sharing across colleges. The disparate systems also posed challenges in maintaining uniform security protocols and data governance standards. The core objective was to consolidate multiple Microsoft 365 tenants, as each college had their own tenant, into a single, unified tenant. This consolidation aimed to simplify and streamline access to IT resources across the entire network of colleges.


Cloud Navigator developed a phased approach to migrate fourteen tenants to one unified tenant. We did so, safely migrating data from multiple tenants to a single tenant. We addressed the technical challenges involved in merging different configurations, customizations, and integrations unique to each tenant. We managed the change process across multiple institutions, each with its own culture and way of working.

Products Used and Services Cloud Navigator Provided

  • Microsoft 365
  • MS SharePoint
  • Education Tenant
  • Azure AD Connect Sync
  • Microsoft Windows PowerShell
  • Microsoft Project
  • ShareGate


The result at the completion of this project was to help CCCS achieve the overall goal of streamlining IT resources, while providing a secure, modern, and robust identity, messaging, and collaboration platform for all users under a consolidated organizational namespace.

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