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Florida Clerk of the Courts (CCOC) Statewide Guardianship Database

Florida Clerk of the Courts - CCOC


The Florida Guardianship Database Transparency (FLGDT) System is a statewide database of guardian and guardianship case information that aims to facilitate improving court oversight of guardianship cases while also providing transparency to the public.


The State of Florida recognized a critical need for a comprehensive system to manage and monitor guardianship cases across the state. The absence of a unified database resulted in a lack of transparency and inefficiency in overseeing these cases. Guardianship data spreads across sixty-seven counties, each with its own system and processes, leading to significant challenges in oversight and evaluation. Consolidating each Clerk of the County’s data meant there was no efficient way to assess guardians against statutory requirements or to track their performance and compliance across different districts. This lack of a centralized system led to potential risks and inefficiencies in safeguarding the interests of those under guardianship. CCOC initiated this project in response to the legislative mandate under Florida Statute 744.2112. This statute called for enhanced transparency and oversight in guardianship cases.


The primary objective was to develop a database that not only consolidates guardianship case information from all sixty-seven counties but also makes this data accessible to various stakeholders. This includes the judiciary, court staff, legislators, and the Department of Elder Affairs’ Office of Public and Professional Guardians (OPPG). The database aims to facilitate guardianship data transparency on a limited scale for the public while also serving the needs of state-level oversight. Cloud Navigator collaborated closely with relevant stakeholders to design a system that would not only meet but exceed the statutory requirements. The new system offers information not only to internal stakeholders but is available to the public. It has advanced search capabilities and reporting to support the proper oversight of guardians across the state of Florida.

Products Used and Services Cloud Navigator Provided

  • .Net 6
  • Net Core
  • B2C Tenant
  • Network Security Groups
  • Private Endpoints
  • Network Interface
  • Public IP Address
  • Private DNS Zone
  • SQL Server
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Storage Account
  • Application Gateway
  • Virtual Network
  • App Services
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Bastion
  • Virtual Machine
  • Twilio SendGrid
  • Application Insights


Cloud Navigator was able to build a robust and secure system for oversight and public transparency of guardianship cases and data throughout Florida. The system enables authorized personnel to better manage and monitor guardianship cases through a web enabled user interface with enhanced analysis and reporting capabilities with additional provisions for providing statutorily required reports and metrics. The system adheres to strict security standards and complies with regulatory requirements to ensure users have the proper level of access to information contained in the system.

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